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"Paul Cezanne" ~ an artist study by Tara (5th)
10 Oct 2014
“Paul Cezanne” ~ an artist study by Tara (5th)

Paul Cezanne Born: 19th January 1861 Died: 22nd October 1906 Paul Cezanne was born in Aix-en-Provence. He is a famous French artist. His paintings include the boy in the red vest, still life wit

7 Oct 2014
“Halloween” ~ a poem by Molly W. (5th)

"Halloween" ~ an alliteration  poem by Molly W. (5th) One Wicked Witch Two Tormenting Tricks Three Terrifying Tarantulas Four Frightening Fangs Five Frienzied Fiends Six Scary Snakes Seven S

25 Sep 2014
“Funfair” ~ a poem by Orlaith (5th)

"Funfair" ~ an alliteration poem One wonderful wheel, Two twisting tornados, Three twirling twisters, Four fun funfairs, Five fiery fireworks, Six sugary sweets, Seven super stalls, Eight amaz

"Hamper’s Great Escape" ~  a summary by Conor (4th)
15 Sep 2014
“Hamper’s Great Escape” ~ a summary by Conor (4th)

Sam and Clare went to Gran and Grandad’s house with Hamper. Hamper’s cage was too small so they made him a bigger cage with a playground. Grandad told them that Gran  was scared of animals. Af