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7 Oct 2014
“Halloween” ~ a poem by Molly W. (5th)

"Halloween" ~ an alliteration  poem by Molly W. (5th) One Wicked Witch Two Tormenting Tricks Three Terrifying Tarantulas Four Frightening Fangs Five Frienzied Fiends Six Scary Snakes Seven S

25 Sep 2014
“Funfair” ~ a poem by Orlaith (5th)

"Funfair" ~ an alliteration poem One wonderful wheel, Two twisting tornados, Three twirling twisters, Four fun funfairs, Five fiery fireworks, Six sugary sweets, Seven super stalls, Eight amaz

8 May 2014
“The Ostrich Egg” – a report by Jack S

My Dad’s friend William gave me an ostrich egg. He got it in Fota Wildlife Park. There was no baby ostrich in it so they drilled the egg, took out the yolk and fried it for the monkeys

21 Mar 2014
Post 1 ~ Fourth Class

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