About The Blue Star Programme

We are participating in the Blue Star Programme. The aim of the programme is to foster better knowledge and understanding of the European Union and how it affects our lives. It introduces us to the EU; what it means and how it works.
The goal of the Programme is to foster a strong sense of citizenship and leadership among participants that goes far beyond the school walls and into the wider community.

“Blue Star Flag” ~ a report by Tara (5th)


We received our Blue Star Flag and certificates in the post.

We are very happy because we put so much hard work into this programme and website.

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“Liadh Ní Riada MEP visited Us” ~ a report by Jessica (5th) & Tara (5th)

Liadh Ní Riada MEP visited us on 5-6-2015

On Friday the 5th of June Liadh Ní Riada visited our school with her co-worker Conner.

She looked at the Bluestar website and she said that she had enjoyed it.

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“Malta”~ a report by Maebh (5th)

Malta is in the E.U. It is located near  Sicilly and the North African  coast.

The capital is Valletta.

The Currency is the euro.

If you are touring Malta, the places recommended are the Manoel Theatre, Casa Rocca Piccola, Mnajdra and loads  more.

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“Better In than Out” ~ a debate by Clodagh & Kate (6th)

"Better In than Out" ~ a debate by Clodagh & Kate (6th)

Clodagh and I did a debate about should Ireland stay in the EU or not. Aoife was the Chairperson.

We each had three points to prove should Ireland leave the EU or should it stay.

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“EU day celebrated in school” ~ a report by Orlaith (5th) and Lisa (5th)



We celebrated Europe day in our school.

After small break everyone in the whole school went onto the basketball court and some of the juniors went into the middle and held up  letters spelling Europe Day May 9th.

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“Europe Day Poster” ~ a report by Lisa and Orlaith (5th)


This year Colin made a poster for the blue star website.

We handed it to all the local business in Banteer to put it up on their windows.

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“European Union”~ a poem by Jack M (5th)


Europe is amazing

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“What the E.U. did for Cork”~ a report by Aoife (6th)


The EU has made a major input to Ireland’s business and social development since Cork joined the Common Market in 1973.

Following national development plans since 1989 priority projects in the count and in the Southern and Eastern Region where Cork is located.
UCC has made a major beneficiary of EU R&D grants over the past 20 years. €3.6 million was allocated to UCC under the Science Foundation Ireland Research Frontiers Programme.

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“Belgium”~ an acrostic poem by Jack M (5th)



Brussels is the capital

Education in the E.U.

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“Malta”~ an acrostic poem by Jack M. (5th)


Malta is a lovely country

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“Bulgarian Food and Cusine” ~ by Hollie and Grace (6th)



Sirene v Pergament



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“United Kingdom”~ by Donal (5th)


United together

Northern Ireland are part of the UK

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Day 14: Leaving Prague heading to Banteer


Before I left Prague I went to the  Hellabrunn Zoo it was amazing, that took the hole day. That night I stayed in the Four Seasons Hotel because in the morning  wound  be going back to Banteer.

In the morning I ate my breakfast in the hotel and got a taxi to the Václav Havel Airport. At  11:00am  my flighted took off.In the plane I got a tea and a packet of tattoos.

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