Daisy’s Dairy Diary Website Crew are off to Causey Farm!

Daisy's Crew!

Half of Daisy’s Dairy Diary Website Crew are off to Causey Farm in County Meath tomorrow. We won the Muster section of the Moo Crew Competition.

The other half are going to the OSi Headquarters and Dublin Zoo. We won the Map My School Competition and both trips are on the same day.

We are all heading to Dublin by train and heading off in two different direactions from there.

We are looking forward to a great day out.

All the best from 5th, 6th & Daisy!

“We Won”

Hi guys,

We have amazing news. WE ARE THE WINNERS OF THE MUNSTER PROVENCE. We have won the best in Munster for the Moo Crew. We are all very delighted. We are going to Meath to find out if were the over all winners and I cant wait to see Milly the cow.

Love Daisy xxx

“It’s a Wonderful Day”

Its a wonderful day at the farm. Milly and I are grazing on the lush green grass, while the sun is shining on my face. I’m doing lots of exercise, like running, jogging, skipping, swimming and jumping jacks. Im eating and drinking lots of dairy. Here is a few funny  jokes i heard:

Q. Why are cows bad listeners?

A. Because it goes in one ear and out the udder.


Q.  What is a cows favourite dance?

A.  I like to moooooooove it mooooooooove it.


Q.  How do you make a milkshake?

A.  Give a cow a pogo stick.

Eachtra sa Choill – scéal le Kyle (Rang a 5)

Lá breá samhraidh a bhí ann. Bhí Daisy ag siúl sa choill lena cairde Tulip agus Buttercup.

Go tobann, thit Tulip isteach i bpoll. Rith Daisy chuici ach bhí sí ceart go leor.

Chuir Daisy Buttercup abhaile chun cabhair a fháil. Tháinig sí ar ais le dréimire. Thógamar Buttercup as an bpoll. Bhí sí slán sábhailte.