Chapter 20 ~ Ireland’s Greatest Hero

Michael Collins was dead. The first person that found out he was dead was Gearóid O’ Sullivan. On board a steam ship, the classic, Michael’s body was brought from Cork to Dublin. Thousands of people came to pay their respects.

Seán Hales, Rory o’ Connor, Erskine Childers and Liam Lynch all died. It is unlikely that would ignored the Catholic people in Ulster. He could never have imagined that one day he would lie at peace.

by Ben (5th)

Chapter 19 ~ Michael Collins is Dead

Joe O’ Reily saw Michael Collins from his bedroom morning on an August morning. O’ Reily thought he looked dejected but he realy just had a cold. O’ Reily ran down to say goodbye to Collins but Collins had already left and this was the last time he would see his old friend Michael Collins alive. The Rebublicans in Cork had been colllecting their own taxes and Collins wanted to regain this money back for the Provisional Government.  Michael travelled in an open top car with General Emmet Dalton. Progress was slow because some block roads and bridges had been blown up. In Bandon Collins said goodbye to his old comrade Séan Hales.  After a few days. The battle continued, Collins had been taking cover behind his car. When they were outnumbered everyone thought that everything was okay but suddenly there was a loud cry, Michael Collins had been shot. He was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead.

By Evelyn (6th)


Chapter 18 ~ Civil War

I was suffering really bad I had given my life to Ireland for now I could be shot at any moment. I travelled around the country speaking in favour of the treaty.

In the election the Republics got 36 seats, Griffith & I got 58. Cathal Brugha died I was so sad as I had fought with him in the Easter Rising I wept and wept for days.

by Lisa A (5th)

Chapter 17 ~ A Divided Country

The Irish Delegates returned to Ireland after the negotiating team after the negotiating team returned to Dublin. The vote was taken in on Saturday January 7th 1922. There was 64 votes in favour and 57 against. Griffith was with me, I pleaded with my supporters not to be hasty.

By Queen (5th)

Chapter 16 ~ Signing a Death Warrent

The Irish and British Delegation met at Downing Street on October 11th 1921. Eamon later stated that he deliberately caused the members so their would be disunity. The British were also aware of the feelings of the Irish people. I told my good friend Joe O Reily that no matter what I achieved it would be unsufficient. There were many compromises during the talks. Ulster remained a mayor problem. In Dublin the Black and Tans and Auxies left the streets! I achieve my dream.

By Maebh (6th)

Chapter 15 ~ The Truce

We had to have a Truce. The IRA refused to surrender. The authorities in Dublin Castle didn’t want a Truce. The British described me as a murderer and had a prive to pay. On 11th July 1921 the Truce came into action. The black and tans with drew back to London.

I was nervous of the Truce, when it came to plan. De Valera traveled to London to meet Lloyd George with Author Griffith and Austin Stack.  De Valera knew we would never have an Irish Republic, only 26 counties as ulster would not be forced to join if they didnt want to.

I wanted to go, but De Valera wouldn’t let me. De Valera said no to the 26 counties but a few months later agreed to meet Lloyd George.

De Valera voted for me to go instead of him but it should have been him as he was the leader of the Irish Government, in the end i agreed to go, I left with Authur Griffith, Robert Barton, Eamonn Dugan and George Gawan Duffy, Griffith send news to the dail about the truce even though he is ill.

De Valera was planning to blame me and the others if we didn’t get the 32 counties.

by Lisa (6th)

Chapter 14 ~ A Vicious War

In November 1920 one of the most daring ambushes of the War of Independents was carried out at Kilmichael near Macroom in County Cork.

De Valera had had been less successful in gathering America support for Ireland demands for America. The burning of house creamers.

De Valera return from America, his time there had been successful. He didn’t trust me. Mac Eoin became ill and was sent to a hospital from his cell.

by Maebh (6th)

Chapter 13 ~ Bloody Sunday

I knew it would only be a matter of time before I was captured. Thomhon Cullen, and Toban had been arrested then released. On Sunday 21st (November) a football was being played in Croke Park between Dublin and Tipperary. Fourteen were killed and injured. One of those shot was Michael Hogan, in honour they called a stand “Hogan Stand”. I was almost captured.  The innocent deaths shook the country, the murders of the British agents prayed on his mind.

by Samantha (6th)

Chapter 12 ~ Murder by the Throat

One of the British spies went to Dublin to try and trap me. There was a man known as Jameson, his real name was Bums. He was short, stout and middle aged. He claimed he sold musical instruments and had an interest in birds. I thought Jameson was nice. Jameson would have to be killed as would Redmond the new head of detectives. He had been sent to Dublin from Belfast to recognise the detective division. Quinslisk travelled to Cork to collect the reward on offer on me.

by Molly (6th)

Chapter 11 ~ The Black and Tans

In 1920 violence spread to all parts of Ireland. Even small villages were not safe. The IRA still had very little numbers but that didn’t stop them from fighting back. When I sent the Squads to kill people the British were not afraid to shoot them dead. In 1920, on New Years Day the IRA started attacking British Barracks. In March a note was sent to Tomas MacCurtain telling him that they were going to kill him and that night police surrounded his house and he was shot dead in front of his wife and people tried to blame the IRA for the killing. Since the British were willing to kill to get what they want my life was in worse danger than it had ever been.Two separate groups of people were formed one was called the “Black and Tans” and the the other “Auxies”. They didn’t obey the rules and begean to terrorize people, but they hated each other and began to fight each other. This was the war of the spies.

by Sarah (6th)