“A Desert Disaster” ~ a story by Hannah (3rd)

It was a hot, sunny day. The cheetah was feeling hungry. He walked through the grass looking for some food, then on the horizon he saw a figure with something metal in his hands. He walked very slowly towards the figure. After a few minutes he heard something in the distance, then he saw a gazelle fall onto the grassy plains.

A few seconds went by then he turned and ran like his life depended on it (well it sort of did!), but it was too late. He felt a shot of pain go up his leg like an electric shot and then his leg went numb. He couldn’t keep going but if he stopped then he’d be shot again but maybe this time more severe and if that happened then he’d be lying next to the gazelle in an early grave.

He was thinking about what to do while running as fast as he could across the plains. He was so sure he would die he could almost see all his cubs carrying his dead body with their mother into their little home but he got lucky and the hunters had decided to have an early night so they went home. So he went back to his family and forgot about the hungriness.

The next day, he went to look for breakfast making sure not to take the same path as yesterday. He and walked but he saw no animals anywhere. In the end he gave up and went to get some sleep instead.

When he woke up, the sun was beating down onto his leg which was rather irritating so he was going to get up when he noticed that the sun stopped shinning, he then felt something cold splash onto his foot. He looked up to see rain coming down from the sky so fast it was like the clouds were on fire and all of the rain drops had to leave it before they died.

He got up and started to run home when he saw a camping van parked a few meters away from where he stood then someone familiar came out that’s when he realised the hunter had stayed overnight. The hunter got out his gun and pulled the trigger, this time he shot him in the heart and just like the he was on the ground. The hunter ran over and watched this amazing, wounded and starving creature take his last breath of air and was dead.

The hunter’s wife looked out of the window and saw the cheetah lying there but she didn’t think “Oh, that poor creature”, instead she thought “Oh, I can’t wait for my new cheetah print dress, my friends will be so jealous.”

by Hannah (3rd)