” The Aye-aye” ~ by Eimear (2nd)



Last week I went to Madagascar but my dad forgot all our money at home so we had to build a little hut in the rainforest.
Luckily we all brought hammocks. We set them up near a blackberry bush.
We packed a teapot just in case we forgot our money.
When the night came we all went hunting for food. We passed by a bush and I heard a hissing sound.
I called my mom and dad but they were gone. Suddenly it came out. It was the size of a pet cat.
It had a fluffy squirrel-like tail, rat-like teeth and huge ears and eyes. I got the teapot from my bag and squashed it.
Then it ran away and I told my mom and dad at the camp so we ran and ran and ran and ran.
Luckily I found one thousand euro on the ground and we flew back to Ireland.

by Eimear (2nd)

” The Aye-aye” ~ by Kyle (2nd)


I was in Madagascar on holidays. We were in the forest chopping wood for a bonfire.
Just suddenly something went over our heads.
I thought it was an iguana. I dropped the wood and ran after it. It led me to a cave.
I saw loads of aye-ayes looking at me. Then I made friends with them all. I wanted to
bring one home but I wasn’t allowed to. We went back to the tent. One aye-aye jumped
into my suitcase. On the way home I opened my bag and an aye-aye jumped out.

by Kyle  (2nd)