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This site is about the preparation being made by Mr. Kelleher's 5th and 6th class for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation on the 4th of May 2017.


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Clare of Assisi by Megan (5th) Saint Ava by Ciara (5th) Saint Emma by Katy (5th) Saint Mark by Cian (6th) Saint Martin by Alan (6th) Saint Natalie by Shana (5th) Saint Regina by Lisa (6th) Saint John by Ruairí C. (6th) Saint Emma by Chelsea (6th)
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The Meaning of Confirmation

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If I could tweet Jesus ….

Hello Jesus, I was wondering what you think of modern day technology. Do you think it’s getting in the way of our faith? ~ Clodagh (6th), Thank you Jesus for sacrificing yourself for us. We really appreciate it. How are you doing in Heaven? I hope Mary is good too. ~ Katy (5th), Read more here.