The King of Peace is Coming ~ Isaiah 11:1-4

The King of Peace is Coming 

       A branch will grow from a stump of a tree that was cut down. So a new king will              come from the family of Jesse. The Spirit of the Lord shall rest on that King. The                Spirit  will give wisdom understand guidance and power. The Spirit will teach                    about knowledge and respect for the Lord. He will judge the poor honestly. He will  be fair in his decisions for the poor people of the land. 

“The Gift of Peace”~ Pope Saint John Paul II

Become friends to those who have no friends.
Become family to those who have no family.
Become community to those who have no community.
If we want peace, we must reach out to the poor.
May the rich and poor of the world recognise
that we are all brothers and sisters.
May we all share what we have with one another as children of one God,
who loves everyone and who offers to everyone the gift of peace.

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