“Bóthar”~ a report by Chelsea (6th)

bóthar is a charity in Ireland and the UK who help poor farmers and
struggling families.It began in 1989 and sent its first animals in 1991.
To help it sends cows, goats , camels , pigs and trees.They also send vetinary supplies and
people over to provide education.Bóthar is a big help with poverty.In 1996 Europe had a crisis
called BSE also known as Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy.Then the only sent dairy goats.
This time they were forced to find other ways to help families.When they could the would send
over vetinary supplies and vehicles.Their address is Old Clare st, Limerick
Their phone number is (061) 414 142
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“My Community” by ~ Aoife (6th)

Banteer is a village but its full of fun things to do.Its a lovely place to live.There are 4 estates,a church,a railway station,a shop,a park and a post office.There is also a school called Banteer national school.The church is called St Furseys Church.
In the Park there are 2 pitches,a playground,a pond and many ducks and swans.
Everyone is frinedly and kind.
By Aoife (6th)