If I could tweet Jesus ….

Chelsea (6th)
Hello Jesus, how are you? What do you think of the world today do you approve of it?

Lisa (6th)
Hello Jesus, how are you? I really appreciate your sacrifice. How is it in Heaven? What is it like?

Saoirse (5th)
Dear Jesus, I would like to thank you for saving us by dying on the cross. My name is Saoirse by the way. Hopefully I’ll see you someday, Saoirse.

Ciara (5th)
Dear Jesus, I wanted to ask you what games did you play when you were young?

Ruairi O’C. (6th)
Hello Jesus, I hope you are good. I really appreciate your sacrifice for us.

Rachel D. (5th)
Hi Jesus, how are you? I hope you and your family like Heaven. What was your childhood like? Thank you for giving your life for us.

Cian (6th)
Hello Jesus, how are you? What is it like in Heaven? Are my Nana and Grandad with you there? Thank you for what you did on Good Friday. Hope you are Well.

Ruairi C. (6th)
Jesus, thanks for sacrificing your life for us. How are you doing in Heaven?

Rachel C. (6th)
Hello Jesus, thank you for opening the gates of Heaven for us! Do you think the number of people that go to mass have dropped?

Con (6th)
Hi Jesus, hope you are well in Heaven. Is it a nice place? Bye for now, Con.

Clíona (5th)
Hi Jesus, how is Heaven? I’m wondering what you think of the way people live now.

Shana (5th)
Hey there Jesus. How are you and Mary getting along up in Heaven?I hope you’re doing good. I Hope you feel at home. Bye for now, Shana.

Dylan (6th)
Hi Jesus, how are you? I would like to know why you died on the cross for us.

Liam (5th)
Hi Jesus, what does it feel like to be the son of god. What was it like carrying the cross?

Connor (6th)
Hi I’m Connor. What is the meaning of life and why were we brought to this planet? What will I be when I’m older and was I put on this planet for a reason?

Aoife (6th)
Hi Jesus, am I going to be successful in life? Can you please help and guide me? Thank you Jesus.

Diarmaid (6th)
Thank you so much for giving your life for us, Hope you are enjoying Heaven. Say hi to my Grandfathers for me.

Ben (6th)
Hi Jesus, How are you? I hope you are doing well, thanks for giving your life so we can have ours.

Alan (6th)
How is it up in Heaven? Thank you for sacrificing yourself for us.

Donagh (5th)
Hi Jesus, How are you? You were very brave to die on the cross for us.

Megan (5th)
To Jesus, thank you for giving your life for us. Please help me through my life and my sponsor’s too.

Nicola (6th)
Hello Jesus, How are you? Thank you for your sacrifice. Hope you and Mary are having a nice time in heaven.