“My Hopes For the Future” ~ by Katy (5th)

My Hopes For the Future

When I’m older I want to be a gymnast in the olympics or a fashion designer or
travel the world. I would also like to start a team where we find homeless animals
and give them a home. I would like to move to America or France. I want to go to college and graduate. I want to buy a house and have kids, adopt loads of dogs and buy a car too.

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“My Hopes for the Future” ~ by Saoirse (5th)

I would like to be a dairy farmer and have lots of cows. I would also like to live in Banteer. I would like to have a pet jug (dog). I would like to live in a nice house. I’d like to play for Cork in football. I want to still be friends with my friends when I’m older. I’d like to be a really good driver. I wouldn’t like to be stuck for money. Last thing I would like is to be fit and healthy.

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