“Bóthar”~ a report by Chelsea (6th)

bóthar is a charity in Ireland and the UK who help poor farmers and
struggling families.It began in 1989 and sent its first animals in 1991.
To help it sends cows, goats , camels , pigs and trees.They also send vetinary supplies and
people over to provide education.Bóthar is a big help with poverty.In 1996 Europe had a crisis
called BSE also known as Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy.Then the only sent dairy goats.
This time they were forced to find other ways to help families.When they could the would send
over vetinary supplies and vehicles.Their address is Old Clare st, Limerick
Their phone number is (061) 414 142
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“My Community” by ~ Aoife (6th)

Banteer is a village but its full of fun things to do.Its a lovely place to live.There are 4 estates,a church,a railway station,a shop,a park and a post office.There is also a school called Banteer national school.The church is called St Furseys Church.
In the Park there are 2 pitches,a playground,a pond and many ducks and swans.
Everyone is frinedly and kind.
By Aoife (6th)

“Confirmation Practice”~ a report by Chelsea (6th)


Today we went to church to practice for our Confirmation. There was singing, reading and a walkthrough.
Other times we only did singing but this time we did what was going to happen on the day.
Myself Lisa and Clodagh sang up on the alter for the first time.
So did Saoirse, Cliona, Megan, Nicola, Ciara and Shana. It was very good and everyone was happy with it.
We are all looking forward to our Confirmation on May 4th 2017.

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“February News”~ a report by Clodagh (6th)

February came around and we did a lot of fun stuff. There were lots of birthdays too like Ben’s sister, Chelsea’s aunt, Rachel’s mom and Dylan. Diarmaid,Ruairí O C, and Ruairí C went to Dylan’s party. Ciara went to UL and won a gold medal, Doangh saw a triplet lamb being born and Clíona had a pancake on Pancake Tuesday. Katy went to see her baby cousin, Liam got a new bike and Lisa watched once upon a time. Aoife dressed up for world book day,Megan went to her cousins and Cian won Munsters with Ruairí O.

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“March News”~ a report by Chelsea (6th)

It is the month of March and we have a lot of news.
We had birthdays like Clodagh’s brother, Shana’s brother and Liam.Lots of people went to the parade like Rachel C,Ciara,Aoife.Queen became a vegatarian.Ben got a new game.Megan,Clíona,Ciara and Aoife won the all Irelands badminton.Rachel D got sick,Diarmaid sprained his hand and Chelsea broke her finger.Katie went to visit her granny,Saoirse got her house painted and Dylan and Cian went to the 5 asides.Thats our March news.

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“Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours”~ a Bible Story by Clíona (5th)

Joseph had a coat and it had a lot of colours. It was given to him by Jacob, his father. Joseph’s brothers envied him
because they thought the coat was an indication that Joseph would get family leadership. So when Joesph was 17 his brothers would have killed him if the eldest brother, Rueben, had not stopped and told them to put him in a pit, and he secretly planned to rescue Joesph later. But while Rueben was away, the brothers
 sold Joseph to some Ishmaelite merchants. Then they dipped Joseph’s coat in goat blood and told their father he had been ripped to shreds.

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“Noah’s Ark” ~ a Bible story by Ciara (5th)

Noah was a man of great faith. He prayed and spoke to God daily. One day God came down from the Heavens and told Noah about a great flood that was to come.
God said he was sick of people doing bad and evil things and he wanted to wash this all away.
God told Noah how to build this ark, what size it was to be and what to build it with.
Noah set to work with his family and built God’s Ark. It took 120 years to build it. God told Noah that he and his wife, three sons and their wives were to board the Ark. He also told him to gather two of each animal and bird species, one male and one female, so that they could repopulate the earth.
Eventually the rain came. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights and flooded the world. On the 47th day in the Ark, a dove that Noah had released returned with an olive branch. This was a sign that the flood waters were starting to go down. It took another 150 days for the waters to recede and Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mt. Ararat. Noah, his family, all the animals and birds left the Ark at this place and spread across the land making new homes.

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