Noah’s Ark

One day as God was thinking about the people on earth he became very sad.He could see that all the people had become very bad, so bad that they stopped thinking of anything good.
God wanted all the evil to stop, Noah and his family were the only people who were kind and listened to God.
Then God made a promise to Noah saying that he would save his family in an ark along with two of every animal on the earth when the flood came and washed all the evil people away.
Noah was said to be 600 years old when the flood came.The flood lasted 40 days,as presumed everything else on the land died, only the people on the ark survived.
Then Noah build an altar for god as a thank you for saving his family. Then God created a rainbow to show that he kept his promise to Noah.

So when ever you see a rainbow in the sky think of the promise that God made to Noah and know that good loves us no matter what.
by Aoife (6th)