Prodigal Son

There once was a man that had 2 sons. The younger son told his father that he wanted his part of the inheritance so the father divided up what he had and gave some of it to the younger son. A few days later the younger son packed up all of his stuff and went to another country. In the new country he partied and wasted all his money. After he had spent all the money that his father had given him a famine came to the new country. He went to work for someone in that country and he was sent to feed the pigs. He was so hungry, he would have happily eaten the pigs’ food but no one gave him any food. He decided he would go home to his father and tell him “Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you.”  I’m not even worthy to be called your son! Make me one of your servants. He went back to his father. When he was far away, his father saw him and had sympathy for him. His father ran and kissed him! He told his father that “I have sinned and I’m not worthy to be called your son.” The father told his servants to bring out the best robe and put it on him, put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. He told them to kill the fattened calf and that they would have a feast. “My son was dead and now he is alive! He was lost and now he is found!” But, the older son was in the field. As he came to the house, heard the feast and asked a servant what was going on. The servant told him that his brother has returned home, he is safe and sound and your father is having a celebration. He was angry. He wouldn’t go in the house. So his father came out to see him and pleaded with him. He told his father that he has stayed home and helped him and his father hasn’t ever had a celebration for him and his friends!
But as soon as my brother comes back, who has wasted all his money, now you serve a feast for him. His father told him“His brother was dead and is now alive. He was lost and now he is found.

by Donagh (5th)