“My Confirmation Day” ~ a report by Saoirse (5th)

My Confirmation Day      On the day of my Confirmation I sang with Megan and Cliona at the church and then when mass was over I went home and played on the bounycastle with my family. It was really fun because we all played catch ball on the bouncycastle.      

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” My Confirmation Day” ~ a report by Ruairí C (6th)

My Conformation Day

I got ready for my Confirmation. My sponsor went into her seat and I did too. The mass started and the bishop said a few words. We went up to get Confirmed. Then we got Communion. The mass ended it went on for 2 hours. We took lots of pictures. After that we went back to the house for a party. Confirmation makes me I feel holier.

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“My Confirmation Day” ~ a report by Chelsea (6th)

On the 4th of May 2017 I made my confirmation. Lyre and Kilcorney made there confirmation too in thye same church. We sang lots of songs and Bishop William Crean confirmed us. My aunt Helen Kelleher was my sponsor, I picked her because I knew she would bring me deeper in my fate. It was a great ceremony and we received many compliments. After the ceremony we went to murphy’s rock and had lunch. I had roast beef and it was scrumptious. The next day I didn’t go to school because I went to tayto park and it was so fun. I also met Rachel Collins there we had good fun. The next day we went to liffey valley shopping centre and I got lots of new stuff and we also went to T.G.I. Friday. It was great!!!. 

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