“My Confirmation Day” ~ a report by Saoirse (5th)

My Confirmation Day      On the day of my Confirmation I sang with Megan and Cliona at the church and then when mass was over I went home and played on the bounycastle with my family. It was really fun because we all played catch ball on the bouncycastle.      

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” My Confirmation Day” ~ a report by Ruairí C (6th)

My Conformation Day

I got ready for my Confirmation. My sponsor went into her seat and I did too. The mass started and the bishop said a few words. We went up to get Confirmed. Then we got Communion. The mass ended it went on for 2 hours. We took lots of pictures. After that we went back to the house for a party. Confirmation makes me I feel holier.

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“My Confirmation day” ~a report by Lisa (6th)

On Thursday, the 4th of May my class and I got confirmed. The venue was in St. Fursey’s Church. I was very excited. Lyre and Kilcorney School were also getting confirmed with us. The church was really full. Relations from Germany came over to see our confirmation. I sang a song with two of my friends, Chelsea and Clodagh. My sponsor was my cousin. The mass was really nice and everyone enjoyed it.

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