The Commandments

A group of Jews had been traveling for about 3 months, when they came to Mount Sinai. They were going to stay here for a while. Moses, at the age of 80, climbed the mountain. When he was at the top, God spoke to him. He gave Moses two tablets of stone. On of the stones had the first 5 commandments and the other had the last 5. The 10 Commandments are:

First: Love the Lord, your God alone, with all your heart.
Second: Respect the Lord’s name.
Third: Keep the Lord’s day holy.
Fourth: Honor your parents.
Fifth: All life is in God’s hands; do not destroy life.
Sixth: Be faithful in marriage.
Seventh: Do not steal.
Eighth: Do not speak falsely of others.
Ninth: Do not desire a person who already belongs with another.
Tenth: Do not be greedy for things that already belong to others.
When Moses came back, he found the Jews worshiping a golden calf. He was very angry.

by Rachel (6th)