The Rosary

Image result for rosary beads clip artThe Rosary is a form of prayer used by Christians.In Latin its name is Rosarium.
The total number of the mysteries is twenty before that it was fifteen until pope John Paul II said
it is fit that we add the extra five.The twenty mysteries are divided by five there known as the Joyful mysteries,Luminous mysteries,
Sorrowful mysteries and the Glorious mysteries.This is how you say the Rosary
1.Make the sign of the cross and say the “Apostles Creed”.
2.Say the “Our Father”.
3.Say three “Hail Marys”.
4.Say the “Glory be to the Father”.
5.Announce the first mystery and then say the “Our Father”.
6.Say ten “Hail Marys”.
7.Say the “Glory be to the Father”.
8.Announce the second mystery,then say the “Our Father”,repeat six and seven
and continue with the third,fourth and fifth mysteries in the same way.

by Chelsea (6th)