“How to Book a Flight to Sierra Leone” a Procedure by Shana (6th)

Aim: Book a flight to Sierra Leone

Credit Card/PayPal

Turn on your laptop/desktop.
Open a browser.
Go on your preferred airline’s website.
Browse a flight that suits you (e.g. time, date, economy class, business class, ect.).
Get your credit card (if needed).
After you’ve selected a suitable flight, click “Continue”.
Agree to the “Terms & Conditions”.
Click “Continue”.
Fill in your details.
Click “Continue”.
Fill in your credit card/PayPal details.
Click “Purchase”.
You’ve successfully booked a flight to Sierra Leone!

How to make a Poster for Trócaire ~ by Olan (5th)

Computer, Word or PowerPoint, Blue-tack, and a colour printer

1. Log into a computer.
2. Go into microsoft Word/ PowerPoint.
3. Get a picture to do with your topic.
4. Add a sentence or a quote.
5. Put on a border.
6. Change the background colour.
7. Write down your name.
8. Write down your class.
9. Save it and then print it.
10. If you can laminate it.
11. Stick it up with Blue-tack.

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