Trócaire in Israel ~ By Dylan (5th)

Israel is in the area of the Fertile Crescent. The country is at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.
It is not enough to show horror at so many innocent lives having been lost in the latest round of violence in Gaza and Israel, we must instead ask how we can break the cycle that leads to this slaughter.
Trócaire have worked in Israel since 2002. Trócaire look to build an ever lasting peace.
Trócaire give protection, first aid human rights and support all the people affected by this. As well as raising awareness about the human rights.
Israel is a great place but why are there so many bad things in the contry?

Trócaire in Syria ~ By Ryan (5th)

About Syria
Syria is located in western Asia. The population is over 18 million. The president is Basher Al-Assad. The capital city is Damascus.
Trócaire helping Syria
Trócaire have been helping Syria since the first war (which was in 2013). Syria have wars each day. Syria had bombs going off and innocent children were being killed. Over half the population have been removed from their homes. People have been hungry and thirsty. Young children and parents are in great danger. People need help.

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