Fernando Llort (Artist)

Fernando Llort next to his artwork

Fernando Llort was born on the 7th of April, 1949 in San Salvador, El Salvador. He was born as the middle child of six, (four brothers and 2 sisters). His parents were Baltasar Llort and Victoria Choussy.

Fernando always seemed to be attracted by art, even at a young age, when his school teacher would pick to draw maps during geography lessons. After graduating from high school, he received an architecture degree from the University of El Salvador.

Fernando wanted to experience new things, leaving his move to France in 1968. This was an important moment in his artistic carreer, strengthening his relationship with his culture. Later on, he moved to Lovaina, Belgium. In his artwork, you could almost always see a church, dove or an all-seeing eye. He then went to study art in the United States at Louisiana State University, at Baton Rouge.

After returning to El Salvador, he felt tense due to the unstability of politics and social rumblings during the Salvadoran Civil War (1979-1992). In 1971, he and multiple other young artists moved to La Palma, a different, northern region in El Salvador, close to the border with Honduras.

He lived a simple life in the mountains, as if it was a refuge from what was happening throughout the rest of the country. A writer describes its styles: “Llort’s designs were simple: primary colours mostly, and a kind of two  dimensional art.” Animals, birds, flowers and houses were a reflection of rural life in his paintings.

The writer later stated: “As war progressed, and the consciousness of the poor deepend, themes such as the value of women, the importance of community, and the Salvadoran face of God became common.”

Fernando married Estela Chacon and they had three children. In Salvador, he founded a gallery called El Árbol de Dios (God’s Tree), where he displays and sells his artwork. His artwork could also be seen in the ceramic, tiled mural he created for the facade of that city’s Metropolitan Cathedral in 1997.

In late December, 2012, Archbishop José Luis Escobar Alas ordered for it to be removed without asking the national government or the artist and workers, and successfully chipped off and destroyed all fo the 2,700 tiles of the mural.

"Madre Natura" ~ by Shana (6th)

“Madre Natura”, a piece of Fernando Llort inspired art by Shana (6th)

~ a biography by Shana (6th)