Meet Fatu and Kumba

Meet Fatu and KumbaFatu and Kumba live in a city called Freetown, which is the capital city of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa. Fatu is five and Kumba is seven.

They love nature and going for long walks. Fatu and Kumba love to play the game Akra. This is a popular game in Sierra Leone. It is played in pairs. When the leader moves a foot forward, the other player must move the same foot forward. Both players clap their hands during the game.Fatu and Kumba love dancing, too.

They have a brother named Saha, a sister named Sia Fanta and their mom’s name is Finda and Dad is Sahr. Fatu and Kumba’s mom is a hairdresser and their Dad Sahr is a builder.

They used to live in a nice brick house with a bathroom, bedrooms, and toilets. Sadly, in 2013 everything was turned upside down for the family. On the fourteenth of August 2013, the rain fell so hard that it caused a mudslide and their school and their home was destroyed. Over five hundred people lost their lives.

Fatu and Kumba’s dad is building them a temporary home on a plot of land that the church gave them, and the children go to a temporary school for now. It was very hard for the girls at first but Trócaire has helped them by giving school materials and support. They have lost so much but they are full of hope for the future. Trócaire is part of this hope.

Some facts about Fatu 

  • Fatu is 5 years old.
  • Fatu loves nature.
  • She hurt her leg in the mudslide.
  • She loves playing with Kumba.

Some facts about Kumba

  • Kumba is 7 years old.
  • Her full name is Kumba Alice Koroma.
  • Her name means ‘ second girl ‘
  • Her parents are Kissi.(Kissi is their belief) 

~ a report by Jack (5th)