“Mount Vesuvius Strikes Again” a Story by Clíona (6th)

It was a sunny day in Pompeii. Marie and her friends were outside playing in the grass. Then Marie heard a weird, loud sound. It seemed to be coming from Mount Vesuvius. She told her friends, Nia and Katelyn, to come in with her. So they followed her in and she told her mother what she heard. Her mother was very worried and called the Italian News.

Later that day, as Marie sat down for supper, the News was on. It showed the city of Pompeii long ago when Mount Vesuvius had erupted. The man on the news said “Today, a woman called Marilyn Garcia called the News and told us that her daughter heard a sound coming from the volcano. We called some geography experts and they are trying to figure out what’s going on. More about this situation at 10.” Marie guessed that the volcano was going to erupt again. “Mom we have to go somewhere we’ll be safe,” suggested Marie “How about Ireland?”

“No dear, we’ll be safe here. Nothing is going to happen” her mom reassured. But she was terribly wrong because that night as Marie set down to sleep, she heard 3 more rumbles from the volcano. So she crept downstairs and with her moms credit card, booked a flight to Ireland and a hotel for 3 nights. She then called Nia and Katelyn and told them to do the same. Then she packed her winter clothes and her moms winter clothes in a suitcase. She also remembered their passports. Finally after convincing her mom, they got on the plane. And it was a good thing too because as they flew over the volcano it began to erupt.