My Response to Photograph 5 (Conscience Alley)

“It makes me feel happy that they get food but sad that they cant affored their own food.” ~ by Donagh (6th)

“The children look hungry upset, scared and really need food or money.” ~ by James (5th)

“I feel sorry for the people bacause they have no food and they could die.” ~ by Dylan (5th)

“It’s so strang how they look so desperate for food when we have more than we need, even though everyone sould have the same amount.” ~ by Macdara (5th)

“I think there was a disaster and people are looking for food. And I feel that they shouldn’t be treated this way and should be treated fairly.” ~ by Aaron (5th)

“I would feel hungry and thirsty. I feel sad for the children.” ~ by Ryan (5th)

“I fell sad because they are starving and they don’t have enough food.” ~ by Ciara (6th)

“I feel upset because they look extremely hungry, it looks as if they haven’t eaten in a while. It makes me realise how lucky I am to have enough supplies.” ~ by Shana (6th)

“I think they were forced to move countries because of war and they are trying to get food.” ~ by Oisin O’L. (5th)

“This makes me feel sad because so many people need to use these coopons.” ~ by Liam (6th)

“I feel sorry for those staveing children legging for food. This should not happen.” ~ by Juliette (5th)

“I feel as if this shouldn’t be happing and it makes me feel hungry .” ~ by Séan M. (5th)

“It makes me angry and sad that people have to beg for food like that.” ~ by Lana (5th)

“I feel sad because they have no money and no food .” ~ by Rachel (6th)

“I feel hungry and scared tinking that I’d get no food because they’ed ran out of food and water .”~ by Oisín B. (5th)

“They should be giving out free food for them and the look on their faces of determination to get the food. It’s sad.” ~ by Katie (6th)

“I feel sad that children are hungry and have to beg for food.” ~ by Samuel (6th)

“I feel sorry because they cant get there own food.” ~ by Olan (5th)

“This picture makes me feel sad because I have food and live in a beautful home. They are begging on the street and that just made me feel sad” ~ by Princess (5th)

“It’s horrific to see that people have to beg and give coupons to get food.” ~ by Gerard (5th)

“I feel sad for the childen that have to get coupons just to get some food.” ~ by Sean S. (5th)

“Even though they are getting Food ,I feel bad for them. A disaster might have happened and if I were in this situation, I would feel miserable I hope things like this will stop happening sometimes.” ~ by Éabha (5th)

“Its sad that they are os hungry tat they are begging for the food. There should not be children as hungry as they are in world.” ~ by Louise (5th)

“I feel terrible for these kids because they have no food an water.” ~ by Jack (5th)

“It’s so strange how they look so desperate for food when we have more then we need, even though every one should have the same amount.” ~ by Macdara (5th)

“I feel for the jpeople asking for food because they have to beg for it.” ~ by Jessica (5th)

“I feel sad because they have to beg too eat.” ~ by Cian (5th)

“I feel con fused why some children get too much food and others have none.” ~ by Saoirse (6th)

“It makes me feel upset that so many children are asked for food. they look so hungry and I think every child should have food.” ~ by Cliona (6th)

“All the starvin children begging for food with coupons I feel annoyed how some parts of the world are starving ad others have too much food.” ~ by Megan (6th)

“I feel shocked and upset that they have to hand in coupons to get food.” ~ by Sarah (5th)

“I feel like when they run out of coupons they. Will have no food and I also feel like there was a disaster and that they’re immigrants.” ~ by Darragh (5th)