My Response to Photograph 6 (Conscience Alley)

My Response to Photograph 6 (Conscience Alley)“I feel sorry for the people because they dont have any homes and they have to stay bunched together.” ~ by Olan (5th)

“I feel sorry because they have no food and they have to drink dirty water witch can give them diseases.” ~ by Oisín B. (5th)

“This picture makes me feel like this just shouldent be happing. It makes me feel hungry and sad.” ~ by Seán M. (5th)

“In feel sad for the children that they are starving. The children deserve food to eat.” ~ by Samuel (6th)

“It’s not nice that the childten look starving.” ~ by Saoirse (6th)

“I think they are trying to survive with the scraps they have and are staring to death.” ~ by Aaron (5th)

“The child is starving and it is sad.” ~ by Rachel (6th)

“I feel sad for u he people in in the picture because they have no food to eat and no water to drink.” ~ by Jessica (5th)

“I feel sorry for the child because he is so young and is starving to death.” ~ by James (5th)

“I feel so bad for that child because he’s clearly dieing of hunger and he’s living in a tent.” ~ by Jack (5th)

“I feel sad because they are dieing and suffering because they have no food.” ~ by Cian (5th)

“I feel like there is a famine going on in that country and the child is dieing.” ~ by Darragh (5th)

“I feel so sorry for the little baby cecause he looks like hes going to die. I feel really bad for him. I feel so lucky to be living in a country like Ireland where its safe.” ~ by Éabha (5th)

“I think people should not have to live like and they should be able to get clothes. They also should have enough heat and a house.” ~ by Donagh (6th)

“I feel sad that tthe child is sich and the mo has to go throw thrtour of her child being sick.” ~ by Princess (5th)

“I feel sad for the child that he is dieing with starvation and dehidration.” ~ by Seán S. (5th)

“I feel sorry for the people because they have two bottles and they look very .” ~ by Ciara O’C. (5th)

“It is sad tose that that they could be theit home and it is sad to see that thechild is starving.” ~ by Gerard (5th)

“I cannot belive that anilies have to live this way with no proper home. It’s deuastating.” ~ by Róisín (5th)

“It reminds me of the gas attach in Sierya. I feel sad because you see lots of people Suffering.” ~ by Oisín (5th)

“It makes me sad that people are starving and nothing is being done about.” ~ by Lana (5th)

“It’ very sad that tose people are living in small tents and it’s also very sad because they look very hugry.” ~ by Louise (5th)

“This makes me feel sad because these peoplehave to live in tents and the children look very hungry.” ~ by Liam (6th)

“It lookes like they’re in war. I feel upset that children are living like that because where they’er living lookes very dirty and they look hungry.” ~ by Clíona (6th)

“This picture makes me feel sad because children are dying.” ~ by Jamie (5th)

“I feel sad because the cild is sick and they dont have a house.” ~ by Ciara (6th)

“This picture makes me feel sorry because the child is hungry and the mom cant do anything about it.” ~ by Shana (6th)

“All the children are dieing because they have no water and they all so skinny because they have no food.” ~ by Megan (6th)

“When I look at the picture I feel gsateful for what I have and guilty for what they dont have.” ~ by Edel (5th)

“The children look skinny. It’s upsetting. They look sick aswell. The place they are staying in looks dirty.” ~ by Katie (6th)

“I feel upset that the children look like they haven’t eaten anything in year’s maybe ever.” ~ by Sarah (5th)

“The child and mother would be very hungry thursty and cold.” ~ by Ryan (5th)