Oscar Romero to be a Saint

Archbishop Oscar Romero was shot dead while giving mass in a hospital chapel on March 24th, 1980. Romero will be made a saint alongside Pope Paul VI, who’s canonization was announced last week, whilst Oscar Romero’s was announced on Wednesday.

Vatican theologists announced Romero a martyr in 2015, saying his death was in adium fidei, meaning “in hatred of the faith.” in Latin.

Romero could be announced a saint after a Vatican commission has certified a miracle assigned to him. Cannon law has expressed that if someone is a martyr, only on miracle is required to be a saint instead of the usual two.

Reuter writes that, “The Church teaches that only God performs miracles but that saints who are believe to be with God in heaven intercede on behalf of people who pray to them. A miracle is usually the medically inexplicable healing of a person.”

Romero’s case for sainthood opened up after being put on hold by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Docatrine of the Faith.

“The long delay in recognising the obvious fact that Romero was obviously a martyr was shameful,” states Father James Martin, one of the editors at Jesuit magazine America tweeted earlier this week.

Pope Paul VI was beatified by Francis in 2014.

The National Catholic Register writes: “Apart from his role in the council, Paul VI is most widely known for his landmark encyclical Humae Vitae, which was published in 1968 and reaffirmed the Church’s teaching against contraception in the wake of sexual revolution.

The Register stated that both of Paul VI’s certified miracles were “involving the healing of an unborn child.”

Romero’s miracle has not yet been made public, however, last year, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, who was looking over the canonization process, told an Italian radio station that “the healing of pregnant woman seems inexplicable,” had been assigned to Romero.

The date for the canonization not has been set, but the Register says Paul VI and Romero are expected to be canonized together in October.

~ a report by Shana (6th)