Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is one of many countries that Trócaire works in. Just over half of the people living in Sierra Leone live on 1.80 euro a day.


Sierra Leone is located in west Africa between Guinea and Liberia. The capital city of Sierra Leone is Freetown. Freetown is located in West Sierra Leone. And it is home

to over one million people. Temperatures and humidity are high, and rainfall is heavy. There are two seasons: the dry season, from November to April, and the wet season, over the rest of the year.

History in Sierra Leone

Archaeological finds show that Sierra Leone has been inhabited continuously for at least 2,500 years. The Sierra Leone Civil War (1991–2002) began on 23 March 1991. During the civil war there was between  50,000–300,000 people killed. There was also an outbreak of Ebola during 2014. Ebola is a disease which many people died from over the last few years.

People and Culture

The Sierra Leone Creole people (or Krio people) are an ethnic group in Sierra Leone. The Creole people are descendants of freed African American, West Indian and Liberated African slaves who settled in the Western Area of Sierra Leone between 1787 and about 1885.

If you lived in Sierra Leone, you might live in a wood house in Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone. If you lived in a village, your home would probably be made of sticks covered with mud or blocks made from mud and heated in the sun. Your home would have a thatched or metal roof and it would probably only have two or three rooms. You definitely would not have your own bedroom. The kitchen would be outside the home, under a simple roof made of metal or branches. It would not have a fridge or stove, but a place to build a simple fire for cooking. You would also probably use an outside toilet instead of a bathroom.


Sierra Leone sits along the Atlantic Ocean, with Guinea to the north and east, and Liberia to the south. A Portuguese explorer gave the country its name, which means “lion mountains” in 1462. Sierra Leone has miles of coastal plains, followed by muddy swamps. Further inland lie forests, jungles and farmlands. To the far east is a mountain range.


  • Total Size: 71,740 square km.
  • Climate: tropical; hot, humid; summer rainy season (May to December); winter dry season (December to April) .
  • Major cities: Freetown (capital) 875,000 (2009).

~ a project by Cian (5th) and Gerard (5th)


Trócaire in Sierra Leone:

  1. Trócaire are helping out after the Ebola crisis.
  2. Trócaire are helping the children in Freetown after a mudslide destroyed their school.
  3. Trócaire are aiming to stop violence to women and to protect women’s rights.
  4. Trócaire are helping out with food security in Sierra Leone.

~ a report by James (5th)