“Mount Vesuvius Strikes Again” a Story by Clíona (6th)

It was a sunny day in Pompeii. Marie and her friends were outside playing in the grass. Then Marie heard a weird, loud sound. It seemed to be coming from Mount Vesuvius. She told her friends, Nia and Katelyn, to come in with her. So they followed her in and she told her mother what she heard. Her mother was very worried and called the Italian News.

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“How to Book a Flight to Sierra Leone” a Procedure by Shana (6th)

Aim: Book a flight to Sierra Leone

Credit Card/PayPal

Turn on your laptop/desktop.
Open a browser.
Go on your preferred airline’s website.
Browse a flight that suits you (e.g. time, date, economy class, business class, ect.).
Get your credit card (if needed).
After you’ve selected a suitable flight, click “Continue”.
Agree to the “Terms & Conditions”.
Click “Continue”.
Fill in your details.
Click “Continue”.
Fill in your credit card/PayPal details.
Click “Purchase”.
You’ve successfully booked a flight to Sierra Leone!

” How to make a shoe box for a shoe box appeal” A Procedure by Cian (5th)

your aim/goal is to make a child happy.
Shoe box,
toys and wrapping paper-(color).

1.Get a shoe box.
2. get three or more things that you would like to put in.
3.Open the box.
4.Put the things you got in tidy.
5. close the box.
6. start wrapping the box.
7.put celotape around the sides.
8. make sure that the wrapping paper isn’t tearing.
9. you get a label and you put the age on it and if it is for a girl or boy.
10. put the label on the box.
Now, that’s your shoe box done.

~a Procedure by Cian (5th).