“The Tsunami” a Story by Gerard (5th)


On the 3rd of September 2000 Tim, Mom, Dad and I were on a holiday in Sierra Leone. On the first day of our trip Tim and I went to the pool and played lots of fun games. But on the second day it was a lot different all of the locals were running around in panic, there was chaos everywhere my family didn’t have a clue what was going on because they were all speaking in Krio but two hours later we found out what all the chaos was about.

“A tsunami!” I screamed. All of us were terrified as we saw the huge wave bashing against the rocks.

“Quick we have to go” yelled Mom. We ran straight to our rental car as fast as possible and we drove down the road as fast as we could.

“Go faster!” shouted Tim. Finally we got away from the tsunami. About ten minutes later we came to a military checkpoint.

“This is a very dangerous place,” said the solider.

“You must get out of here” he insisted. There was only one place to go: The Border. So that’s the way we had to go. On our dash to the border we passed a rebel base. As we passed we were terrified because we saw a guard outside with a gun. After another two hours of driving we arrived at the border. We were SAFE!