“Koyasan”~a summary by Hannah



"Koyasan"~a summary by Hannah

This book is about a girl called Koyasan who is petrified of the graveyard across the bridge which is said to be roamed by evil, human killing spirits (you were probably laughing when I said she was scared but now you’re not). So why don’t we get back to the story were’re being sidetracked, ok so Koyasan is scared to cross the bridge as anyone would be, but one day Maiko, Koyasan’s little sister entered the graveyard and when she came out she had no soul and this is where the story really begins!
When Maiko’s soul gets taken Itako (a very wise woman who lives in the village ) tells Koyasan that only she can enter the graveyard and defeat the three spirits they send against her and then if she’s completely silent she can retrieve Maiko’s soul but when morning comes if the spirits still have Maiko’s soul then they will destroy it!
When Koyasan arrives at the graveyard she crosses the bridge and heads straight into the centre of the graveyard. After a few minutes she finds the first spirit, a snow beast and after a clever trick some garlic and some common sense she defeats the spirit!
When she had waited nearly about two hours she ventured into the forest and found 1. A small skeletal ghost mouse and 2. The next spirit.It was wearing very fine clothes yet it had a face made out of dried puss and blood uh oh! Now that performance just spells trouble, anyway it actually only took a mere splash of mud to defeat him !
Finally after nearly 5 hours Koyasan found Maiko’s soul but not without a fight. The third spirit it turned out was a big monster with an upside down pyramid head! Actually it was pretty easy to defeat, you know just bow, then he bows and then you have the pleasure of watching it’s head fall off and voila! But of course there’s a story twister.That mouse I told you about bit Koyasan and when she screamed more spirits gathered round her but with a promise to come once a week and play with them. Koyasan was scared and that promise she kept till her dying day!!!

By Hannah