“My Favourite Sport”~ an exposition by Seán(4th)


"My Favourite Sport"~ an exposition by Seán


My Favourite Sport
The ball was flying through the air and I went to head it. I might have leapt half a metre to hit it and I did. The player on the enemy’s team went after it and so did I. We battled for the ball but I had won the battle for it. I was up at the enemy’s team goals and I took a shot. There was a cheer when I scored. There is no better feeling then being a part of the game. 
 I first started playing soccer when I was five in school and was given the chance when I was ten to join Kanturk soccer club. I found the speed of the ball soon, and the arcs it made, it was so exhilarating.
When I say I play soccer people think I just kick a ball and walk around but I don’t. They don’t understand how much fun it is and how fit it keeps you. Apart from the exercise you can make great friends while playing.
It is refereed which means if the referee sees someone making a foul or doing a slide tackle from behind a player he will give them a yellow card which is a warning, if you get two yellow cards you’re out of the game.
Soccer is definitely the sport for me. It is very exciting and it helps me develop friends and new skills each day and that is why I love it.