“Project Gone Wrong”~a Halloween story by Edel(4th)




"Project Gone Wrong"~a Halloween story by Edel(4th)Project Gone Wrong

Tara, Tom, Lucy and Laura were in school. They were quadruplets. How I listed them is oldest to youngest. There is precisely a minute between each of them. All of them were good at school but none of them could ever pay attention in school. The teacher was jabbering on about homework when she mentioned school project. School project! All of them were listening now. She said that the project was about finding out about an old house near you and the winner would get homework off for a week. She also said that you could team up if you liked. Tara, Tom, Lucy and Laura all knew what house they were going to do, Old Mr Gun.
Mr Gun had died fifteen years ago. He had no family and certainly no friends. He was a farmer and he had chickens so he shot foxes but if you went too close to his lands he’d shoot you too. The ruins of his house and barns still remained. Tara was the adventurous one, always had a plan. Tom was fast and good at gymnastics. Lucy was the strongest and toughest while Laura was the smart one. Tara decided that they should go to Mr Gun’s house at three in the morning. “Mom has a nasty habit of falling asleep on the couch so if we go any sooner she might catch us” Tara said. Laura had a little alarm clock that she set under her pillow even though she and Lucy’s bedroom was the furthest bedroom from their Mom and Dad’s bedroom. The alarm rang only waking Laura. Laura woke up Lucy and went to Tom’s bedroom. Lucy woke up Tara. They snuck out the backdoor and across the road. They saw bats not far off. They also heard eerie sounds and got nervous.
They tried the door it was locked and sense there was no other way to get in Lucy kicked down the door and they went in. They could smell a mixture of blood and must. They were feeling scared now. “Do want to go back” asked Tom hopefully. “Are you chicken Tom, are you scared” said Tara with a hint of scorn. “No” he said quickly but not very convincingly. They went into the first room they saw. It was clearly a kitchen, it had an old stove, a table and two chairs. They suddenly heard a door slam. They didn’t know where but they ran out of the kitchen. “Should we go upstairs?” asked Tara. “Ok” said Tom. “The stairs could collapse” warned Laura. “Lucy and I are staying down here.” Tom and Tara went slowly up the stairs. Tara reached the top before Tara. Then the stairs collapsed with Tom still on it! He climbed on to the banister and on to the light. He hauled himself upstairs. Tara had run into a room but he didn’t know which one. Then the wailing started. Tom didn’t know why but he followed the wailing. Then he saw it. It wasn’t your typical ghost it looked exactly like the man just no outline. A thought struck Tom he had never seen a ghost. “I have never seen a ghost but as they say there’s a first for everything” he thought.
Meanwhile Lucy and Laura were outside and Tara had found Mr Gun’s gun and a diary. The diary was dated the 17th of June 1957. It read, My wife Margaret is going to die. The doctor said there’s no way they can save her, I think I’m going mad. They were the last words written in the diary. Tom ran through the ghost and over to the window. He stood on the windowsill and leaped over onto a tree. He climbed down the tree and jumped onto the ground. Tara looked down at her siblings from the window. “A little help” she shouted. “Go get a ladder” said Laura. “I’m sure there’s one in the barn.” Tom and Lucy ran to fetch one. When they came back Tara was really starting to panic. They propped the ladder up against the wall. Tara climbed down the rungs. “I’ve got loads written down” said Laura.
They crossed the road and into their house. They snuggled into bed. They got up a few hours later to write about it. Tara told them about the diary and they added that in. When they went into school they handed it up to the teacher. “And the winner is” the teacher announced “Tara, Tom, Lucy and Laura. Everyone cheered. “Was it really worth all that trouble” Tara asked. They all knew the answer to that.

By Edel(4th)