“The Terrifying Attic”~ a Halloween story by Leah



"The Terrifying Attic"~ a Halloween story by Leah

The Terrifying Attic
I used to live in a little house near the sea. It had three bedrooms a sitting, dining room and kitchen. One day my father got a letter. We had to move from where we were for my father’s work. The house was sold and we moved into a house that was a hundred and fifty years old.
The next couple of days were spent unpacking and exploring the new house. I had a big room with a fire place and an excellent view of the back garden. Luckily the previous owners of the house had put radiators into the house or it would have been very cold at night in bed.
A week after we moved in when I was snuggled up in bed I heard something. It was some sort of wailing. It was coming from above me. I knew it was but I decided to put it into the back of my mind and go to sleep.
I woke up during the middle of the night and I heard it again. I decided I would have a peep in the attic just to see if anything was there. There was probably nothing there anyway. I crept up the stairs and into attic. I remembered to bring my torch with me. Then I stopped dead. I saw it. It was a ghostly white thing that was hovering in mid air. I was sure it was a ghost. I had never seen a ghost but like they say there is a first time for everything. I dropped my torch and fled back down stairs and into my bed.
The next morning I ate my breakfast quickly and went to school. I ate my lunch and I did my homework. I could not stop thinking about the ghost in the attic. That night I went upstairs and I opened the door of the attic. I saw the ghost again hovering in the air. Part of me wanted to flee but I had a better idea. I went and I got Mom and I told her that I had seen a ghost twice in the attic. We got up to the attic but when I looked in it was gone! I showed her exactly where it was, hovering and wailing. I had a look around the attic but it had completely disappeared. Mom laughed and said my imagination was playing tricks on me. Then she told me to go to bed.
The following day I was quite miserable. I was gloomy until five o’clock that evening. Then a thought struck me. Nana was always telling me ghost stories surely she would know what to do? I ran to phone and rang her number. Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Nana picked up the phone and I told her what had happened to me during the last few days. She believed me and said the only way to get rid of is when it is least expecting it is to hoover it up.
That evening I devised a plan to get rid of the ghost once and for all. I got the hoover and I snuck it up stairs. I carefully chose my hiding place and I hid the hoover behind it.
At dinner time I was so excited I couldn’t eat a bite of my dinner. My Mom was worried and asked me if I was feeling ok. She told me I should have an early night tonight and was surprised at my reaction to going to bed early but she said nothing .
It was getting dark so I took my place in the attic. After a while my legs were sore from crouching. Just when I was giving up hope the ghost came gliding in. Then it started the awful wailing. It turned it’s back and I knew I had my chance. I jumped up from where I was hiding and I hoovered it up but it did terrible screeching. It was deafening. With all the trouble catching the ghost I forgot about Mom and Dad! I dashed down the stairs and into my bedroom just in time to see Mom come up the stairs. Finally the ghost is gone I thought as I was going to sleep.
By Leah(4th)