Mr. Kelleher's Art Gallery

Glossary of Art Terms

Abstract – a type of art with different shapes and sizes
Acrylic Paint – a fast drying paint
Atmosphere – the tone of mood or place

Background – the part of a picture that appears further from the viewer
Blur – unclear or less distinct
Brushstroke – a mark made by a paint brush

Canvas – a strong cloth made of hemp, flax or similar yarn used to paint
Comparison – an analogy
Contrast – being very different from something else
Cubism – a style from the 20th century painting with different shapes

Dark – no light

Foreground – the part of the picture which is closer to the viewer
Fresco – a painting done rapidly in watercolour

Gallery – a collection of pictures
Gold Leaf – gold that has been beat to a thin sheet

Impasto – laying paint or pigment thickly
Impressionism – a style of painting
Ink – a fluid for writing or outlining

Light – a shine that stimulates sight, making things visible

Modernism – modern art, expression or technique
Mood – the state or feelings of a picture
Museum – a building stores historical, artistic or scientific interest

Oil-Paint – paint made from linseed oil and ground pigment

Pastel – a soft shade of colour
Palette Knife – a thin knife for mixing paint
Perspective – a view of the scenery
Pointillism – using dots to create a picture
Portrait – a painting or drawing of a person

Renaissance – a style of art

Scene – the place where an incident happens
Self-Portrait – a picture painted or drawn by using reference from their own appearance
Sfumato – a technique that allows colours to blend to a gradient
Shadow – a dark area or shape
Signature – a persons name written in a distinctive way as a way of authentication
Silver Leaf – silver that has been beat to a thin sheet
Sketch – a rough unfinished drawing
Smudge – making something messy by smearing
Soft – easy to mould

Texture – the feel/appearance of a surface
Tempera Paint – permanent, fast drying paint which sometimes consists of egg or yolk
Tint – a shade of colour

Watercolour – paint mixed with water

~ list compiled by Shana (6th)