The Enemy By Charlie Higson

The Enemy Book Cover The Enemy
Charlie Higson
Puffin Books

When all of the adults have become sick with an unknown illness that either kills them or turns them into crazy child-eating monsters, a group of children hear about a safe place they make their way across London.

Maxie and Arran are in charge of all the little kids in Waitrose (a shop) in Holloway, they know that they only have another week or two until their food supplies are gone, so they thought that it was a miracle when a boy in a patchwork coat turns up outside of Waitrose and tells them he comes from the safe place they heard about, and if they follow him he will take them there, but some of the other older kids are sceptical and are not sure they should trust the boy. 

I liked this book because it was really good and I could not put it down.

I would recommend this book for people who like books with an action packed story and for people twelve and over.                                                                                                                      ~ a book review by Louise (6th)