Glad school is over
Ready for Secondary
And I’m,
Definitely bored
Unbelievable year
And so long at home.
Time with my pets
Inside a lot
Online all day
Not a vibe!!!

by Eve (6th)

Graduation day

Really it has been a great year

At school, we have been preparing for this all year

Days have flew

Unless we are going to the same secondary this could be our last day together

All our teachers have been so kind.

Time went so fast

I feel like I was in juniors just yesterday

Our time in Primary sadly  is over

Now we are going into secondary

by Gemma (6th)

reat times in Banteer N.S

eading loads


rawing loads and loads

nreal fun




h no

N ow I got to go

by Luca (6th)

Getting past a stage in your life,
Ready for the next one,
All your friends surround you,
Damn, even if it’s on a zoom call
Understanding life a little more,
very important moment,
That you wouldn’t want to miss,
It will
Only happen once,
Not twice.

by Oisín (6th)

G reat day

R acing to the church

A ll having a great time

D arting for the food

U’ll always remember this day

A nd don’t forget all the sweets

T aytos, Jellies, Chocolate

I ce cream

O n the tables, lie hot dogs and burgers

N ever forget this day

by Rory (6th)

G  raduating  from a

eally fun school

A  nd  going  to a

D andy  Secondary school

U nder the sky

A ll of us are having a

T errific time

I n

O ur

N ew school

by Louise (6th)

Great days we had

Radical times ahead

As we move on we remember

Days of Fun and Laughter

Unfortunately the Covid came

And stole the last days

Time to move on and celebrate

In Autumn we meet again

Onwards and upwards

Naturally following life’s path.

by Tuan (6th)

Going out the door for our last time,
Readying ourselves to say goodbye,
Asking our last questions in class
Doing our last bit of homework
Uploading on the school website then logging out for forever.
All our art being taken down from the walls
Teachers giving us our last lessons
Imagining the journey ahead we must take
One last look around our school that we’ve grown up in, then
Nervously leaving our primary school and setting off on the next chapters of our lives.

by Hannah (6th)

Graduation by Jack F. (6th)

by Jack F. (6th)