Memories of 6th Class by 5th Class

To my 6th class G.A.A. Buddies – Ronan, Jack F., Oisín, Rory, Dylan & Jamie

I will always remember the day we went on a GAA day out to Kenmare. We had great fun on the bus, Rory was singing.

In Kenmare we played 2 football matches and went to the beach.

And another great day with ye was when we won the U12 football final. It was a great match.

I can’t wait to be back playing football with ye all.

Good Luck in Secondary School.

Evan (5th)


Louise is friendly and funny. We used to play loads of games when we were younger in after school. One game we all played was with a bike & boogie board and Louise was always the FASTEST at it.

Louise also thinks of others, there was a little girl in our group that we wanted to play with so Louise taught me some sign language & then we were all able to play together. Louise went to drama too and was very good at acting in plays.

Best of luck in secondary school Louise!!! I know you will make lots of friends!!!

From Kate (5th)


Aoife is very good at drawing. I’ve often seen her drawing AMAZING pictures of dragons and dinosaurs. She’s very kind and when I was younger she would always draw a picture for me when I asked her.

She also showed me how to make a birds nest once in afterschool. Aoife was one of the prefects on the school bus this year and we were delighted because sometimes if the bus was quiet she would let us sit at the back of bus!!!

Best of luck in secondary school Aoife.!!!! I know you will make lots of friends!!!!

From Kate (5th)


Benjamin congrats and well done on your graduation. Graduation has been such a different experience this year.

We didn’t know back in March when we all left school that we wouldn’t see the 6th Class students again which is the really sad part and most importantly no party for your going away. 🥳

Benjamin we had great laughs, you will be greatly missed

To Benjamin and to everyone in 6th class we wish you the Best of luck in the future and unfortunately for you Benjamin you will get to see me again next year in the Tech….. you can let them know I’m on the way!

Daryl (5th)


We had good fun playing outside with Marie. I’ll miss the craic with you. Hope you have a great time in secondary school. You will do great. Sending you a virtual high five.

Your good friend

Trevor (5th)


Luca, congratulations on your graduation, a very strange end to our school year this year and sad that we all didn’t get to say goodbye and have a bit of a party for you all.

Hopefully some of us 5th class will get to see some of you again when we go to secondary next year, depending on what school you are going to.

We will miss you all and wish you the best of luck when you go into Secondary school.

We will all miss you and all of 6th class very much. All the good times we had out playing soccer. It was good fun while it lasted but now it’s your turn to move on.

Hopefully you have a great time in Secondary. We will miss you, goodbye. We wish you the best of luck in the future.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye.

Daryl (5th)


Rachel used to go horse riding with me at Janet Burke’s in Newmarket. She rode Hank. She is good at drawing horses. She drew almost all of the horses at Janet’s, during Pony Camp.

She is fast at running, funny and chatty. Good luck in secondary school, Rachel!

From Hannah (5th)


Luca, what a witty auld soul

Where will start I start the story to be told

Each morning to breakfast club, he would come

He was happy as long as he had Weetabix in his tum

It didn’t matter if he got one or two

As long as there’s no milk he didn’t say boo

In Taekwando he has medals galore

Be careful or he might just wipe you off the floor

At afterschools we had great fun

But Holly and Ruby will keep you on the run

The pattern on Friday we hope will continue on

Taekwando and sparring with Master Dalt – on

As you move on, to a new adventure

Lots of new friends and fun for sure

We wish you well today and tomorrow
Go n-eiri on bothar leat, a chara

From Iain (5th)


I know Oisin from school as well as football which you are very good at.

You are also very fast and athletic and a nice friendly person at school and at training.

I would like to wish you luck with secondary school wishes Oisin

from Darrin (5th)


“I’m so sad sad there was no graduation but we’ll have our own little party at nana’s.

The best memory i have is when me and you got stuck at the zoo!!!!…..

I have so many other stories but we ll leave that till another day.

Good luck in secondary school.

Ill miss you.

Your favourite cousin Katie ”

Jack F.

Jack you are a friendly teammate and a neighbour to me. You are so good at every sport you play.

I’m sure you will make friends and have a good time at the convent.

You will be missed at Banteer N.S.

From Cathal (5th)


Again Cian you are a friend and teammate. You are really good at hurling and football.

You can drive the sliotar from one end of the pitch to the other.

I’m sure you will have a great time in secondary.

You will be missed in Banteer N.S.

From Cathal (5th)


I first met Louise at afterschool in Banteer. We used to play together and became friends.

At breakfast club, we used to walk together to school. Throughout primary school we have been really good friends.

She is bubbly, kind, friendly, helpful and funny. She tells really cheesy jokes. Sometimes she’d help me with my homework at afterschool.

When I was in 4th class, she gave me tips on how to get on Mr. Woods good side.

Thank you, Louise, for being a good friend.

Good luck in 1st year. Hope you enjoy it.

Happy Graduation from “your short friend” Ella x







Jack P.


Jonathan by Maia & Jazmyne

Hannah by Maia & Jazmyne