My Favourite Memory

My favourite memory of primary school is from the time we had a funeral for a protractor in fifth class.

The protractor broke so the class decided to have a funeral for it. We had the funeral in the classroom.

We walked around the class then buried the protractor in the bin. Mr. Woods watched the funeral too.

It was a funny day.

by Eve (6th)

My favourite memory from primary school is when Louise and I did our radio show Banteerns fm.

I loved doing our research and then announcing it all over the intercom, picking songs, doing quizzes and collecting news.

I think my favourite part was getting to do it with one of my best friends.

It was a lot of fun and was cool to experience what it must be like to be a real radio DJ.

by Hannah (6th)

My favourite memory would have to be going up to Baldoyle, Dublin to The All Ireland School badminton competition in 5th class 2019.

The bus was good craic from 5:30 am from Banteer to Dublin. When we got there, we played a couple matches against other schools. We didn’t do well but we didn’t care because we got a day off school. We all went to the mini shop inside Baldoyle and get chips and curry.

On the way back we stopped in a junction for food then after we got food we went back onto the bus. It was very quiet coming back and we arrived in Banteer at 10 o clock at night!

by Jack F. (6th)

My favourite memory of school would have to be going up to Dublin for the school’s badminton in 5th and 6th class.

Even though the boys didn’t get to compete it was some craic. I would have to say that the best part of both trips was the bus ride and stopping off at Junction 14.

The bus trip was better the second time as it was just our class and one 5th class, so we got the back.

It was also great fun up there chatting and laughing with each other. On the badminton side, we did well the first time but not so great the second time, but that didn’t matter to us because we were just having so much fun up there.

Stopping at Junction 14 was great, because we could get anything we wanted with the money we had.

All I can remember getting is Mountain Dew, but I’m sure I got plenty more.

So overall, both trips were just really fun to go on and really great craic.

by Oisín (6th)

I have so many memories in primary that i can’t count them all! But I’m just going to do three. So coming up first one of the best, going into sixth class.

When we were in fifth i remember feeling so scared, the only reason i was scared was because of Mr Kelleher. I thought he would be mad all the time but so I was wrong! He was and still is! The best teacher ever! He is one of the kindest teachers in the school. Don’t tell anyone but he was my favourite teacher. I really am going to miss him.

My next memory was when we saved up for The Donkey Sanctuary. We saved up when it was Christmas. Sir wanted us to do it instead of giving him a present, i still wish i gave him one.

The exciting bit was that the people working at The Donkey Sanctuary were coming to the school to collect the money!! We got great pictures.

The last and one of the best memories was the party for Eileen, it was so sad seeing her go. Everyone brought a present for her and she cried. I wanted to cry but i couldn’t.

I am excited to move on to secondary but hopefully we can go back to primary just one more time.

by Rachel (6th)

My favourite memory of school is probably badminton in Dublin with the school in 2019 & 2020 because we had great craic on the bus and the chicken fillet roll in junction 14 was so nice.

by Ronan (6th)

My memories of school:

  • Pancake Tuesday 5th Class. Mr Woods allowed us to make pancakes.
  • Moving into to the new classroom 5th class.
  • My Communion and Confirmation.
  • All the Artwork in 6th class.
  • The Big party afer the play in 6th class.
  • Baking with Ms. Fitzgearld.
  • Playing with my friends in the yard.

by Tuan (6th)