Prayer on Leaving School

God our Father,
We can look back over the last few years
and recall the friendships that have formed
and the good relationships that we have developed.

We give thanks for all who have enriched our lives in various ways:
at home, in school, in church, and in the local community.

We are conscious too, Father, of mistakes that have been made and relationships
that have gone sour.

We ask for healing of what has been negative in the past,
as we place ourselves into your hands.

Inspire us in the years ahead to live in such a way that we readily apologise when
things go wrong,
as well as expressing thanks and encouragement to those who are a part of our

We give thanks, Father, for the gifts, talents and skills that you have given to each
one of us.
We think of people who may have received less than others but have
made much of themselves.

We remember, too, those who have overcome great difficulties,
and all who have inspired us because they have given their best.

In giving thanks for what has been in the past,
we ask for your blessing on our present and future.

We pray for wisdom in setting our priorities and in making our
choices that we may live fully and make our part of the world a better place
because of the care and compassion that we bring into it.