Meet the Class



Hi, I am Emma and I like doing Farm Safety.

My favourite part of Farm Safety is the booklets as they have a lot to do in them.

I find the Farm Safety super interesting as it tells you all about animals and how to be safe on a farm.

I have learned a lot about the farm during the Farm Safety project.


Hello, I am Holly.

I liked doing Farm Safe Schools as it is nice to take a break from work.

I love doing posts and getting pictures for them as it is very interesting.

My favourite one of my posts was slurry safety.

I liked the idea at the start and now too. ~ by Holly (6th)



Hi, I am Jane.

My favourite part of Farm Safe Schools is preparing posts, it keeps me occupied.

I try to post once a day but sometimes I don’t get the chance.

I have especially enjoyed learning about Animal Safety and Care.


Hello, I am Claire!

I like preparing posts and learning about topics such as, why slurry is unsafe, animal safety and care and so much more.

Farm safe schools is very interesting and fun to learn about! I have learned a lot about farm safe schools over these past few months.



Hello, I am Nicole

I like preparing posts about farm safe schools. I like learning about animal safety
on the farm. Farm safe schools is an interesting way to learn about slurry safety and care.

I enjoyed doing the quizzes about horses and different animals.

I liked doing the modules and I learned so much from them.


Hi, I am Caitlin

I like farm safe schools because i ge.t to prepare post and I get to do booklets.

I also get to draw pictures and post on a website.

I also like farm safe schools because it is interesting, and it shows me on how to be safe on a farm.

It also shows me how to be safe around animals so that when I am in a farm I will not get hurt.



Hi, I'm Hugo.

I really like doing farm safety because i get to post and do farm safety booklets.

Farm safety has taught me how to be careful around animals, machinery, chemicals
and slurry.

It is great to know how to stay safe and know all the precautions.


Hi, I’m Caoimhe.

I like doing farm safe schools because it has taught me a lot of rules and dangers that are on a farm that I didn’t know before.

I also really like writing reports and posting them on our website.

I think it is really important to learn farm safety so that if you ever go on a farm u won’t get injured and hurt.



Hi, I’m Lexi

I like doing farm safe schools because it has taught me a lot of things on how to stay safe while you are on a farm like how old you have to be to go on or drive a tractor, how to stay safe around different animals, the different signs, quad bike safety and a lot more.

It is really good to know about how to stay safe on a farm.


HI, I’m Billy

I like doing farm safe schools because it is a fun thing to do in school and you learn a lot from it.

I have learned a lot about being safe around the farm and tractor safety and all sorts of machinery safety tips and rules.

I have also learned a lot about farming and animals as well.



Hi, I’m Eoin.

I like doing farm safe schools because it gives me a break from some of the daunting tasks that I have to do in class such as English, Irish and Maths and gives me something
both educational and fun to do.

I learned a lot from the farm safe schools as I was not as agriculture informed as some of my other class mates, but i loved to do this anyway.


Hi, I’m Tomás.

I live on a dairy farm. I help out on the farm every day. I milk the cows and feed the calves. I try to stay safe while I am on the farm.

I like doing the farm safe school because it is fun and interesting, and it is a break from normal work.



Hi, I’m Jerry

I love farming and rugby. I like history and working on posts and projects in my book and on the laptop.

I live on the outskirts of a town, but both my parents come from farming backgrounds. I work on my godfather’s farm often and enjoy it.

I enjoy farm safe schools as it is a nice break from ordinary work.


Hi, I’m Fía

Ever since we started farm safe scho.ols I have learned so much. I love posting on websites.

My uncle owns a farm in Dingle. We like to go and visit them a lot. Most of our cousins are there too.

I have posted loads of things and it has been fun.

So thank you.



Hi, I’m Lily,

I have loved learning with Farm Safe Schools. It has been so much fun. Farm Safe Schools has taught me so much about farming, staying safe, the signs, animals and lots more.

On my Grandad's farm I named a cow called Cloudy and Farm Safe Schools has taught me to be much more aware when around her.

Before Farm Safe Schools we were doing ordinary work, but for my last year in Banteer National School, Farm Safe Schools has made it so much fun.


Hi, I’m Conor.

I have a lot of work done with Farm Safe Schools.

I really enjoyed doing farm Safe Schools. I have learned how to do word clouds, to stay safe on a farm, around animals and lots more.

I have some quizzes done on it. My Grandad has a farm of his own and I have enjoyed going on it lately.

Jack O'C.

Jack O’C.

Hi I’m Jack,

I have learned a lot about farm safety.

I have learned how to be safe on the farm and how to care for animals

I have enjoyed going on the farm lately.

Jack A.

Hello, my name is Jack.

I have learned a lot from farm safe schools.

I Have learned how to be safe around tractors, animals and lots more stuff.

Jack A.


Hi, my name is Emily,

Throughout the Farm Safe Schools I have learned a lot about the danger on a farm including machinery and chemicals.

I enjoyed learning about it and I feel a lot more confident about being around a farm.


Hi, my name is Orla,

I have really enjoyed Farm safety and have learned so much. I have learned things such as the slurry pit, the chemical shed and so much more.

I have learned how to stay safer when on the farm.



Hi, my name is Josh,

I think I’ve learned a lot of stuff of stuff from this farm safety booklets and sheets.

I learned how to stay safe around animals and machinery.


Hi my name is Fíonn,

I have learned a lot about how to safe around the farm. How to keep safe with animals and machinery.

Staying safe around the slurry pit and how to know when a bull or horse is angry.



Hi, I’m Ben.

I enjoy doing farm safe schools because it teaches me a lot of things I didn’t know about farms, animals on the farm and machinery.

I learned many things from the booklets, activity sheets and the quizzes on ways to stay safe when visiting a farm.


Hi, I’m Raffaele,

I enjoy doing Farm Safe Schools and learnt a lot from it especially on how to be safer on the farm and next to the animals.

I understood what some of the signs on the farm mean and even learnt about the blinds spots of animals and also machinery like tractors.



Hi, I'm Jayden.

I haved learned a lot from farm safe schools.

Such as the signs an animal is going to attack , the dangers of slurry agitation and the dangers of an untidy yard.


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