Bales and their Risks ~ a report by Caitlin (6th)

hay balesIf you have a farm and you are on the hay stacks you mustn’t climb on them because they aren’t playgrounds. Cause if you are on them it could be very loose and you could fall. Climbing on a hay stack because it is very dangerous and if you are climbing on it you must have a parent that is keeping an eye on you.

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Bales & Their Risks ~ a report by Jane (6th)

Falling from stacks or loads is the biggest cause of injuries from bales. Farmers help prevent this by making sure their stacks are built secure and binding stacks and loads. Also ensuring children are not permitted to climb. When removing bales, farmers must do so from the top first. Removing bales lower down the stack will leave bales unsupported, which could tumble and fall.

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Bales and Their Safety Risks ~a report by Fíonn (6th)

Data from the Health and Safety Authority ( HAS) show that falling bales account for about 5% of farm workplace deaths. Being crushed by a falling bales or rolled over by a moving round bale, being crushed or trapped by tractors or farm machinery which were unvalued in transporting bales are some of the main dangers.