Fighting Words- by Hannah (6th)

A lot of words and phrases that we use today are actually boxing phrases. Long ago they used to hold boxing matches at fairs where one person would throw in their hat and then if someone else felt they could beat them they too threw in their hat. Before the match they would draw a scratch in the centre of the ring and after each round you had to come up to the scratch and if you didn’t you lost. So you can see where the saying up to scratch comes from.

the rings back then were made from a group of spectators standing in a circle holding a rope. There would also be men holding whips to keep the crowd under control. At the end they would also hold out heir hat with a whip still in hand to collect money for the poor loser as you would think this worked pretty well as everybody would have been scared of the men with whips

Other boxing phrases we use today as non boxing terms are throw in the towl and saved by the bell.

-by Hannah (6th)