Fleadh Ceoil na hÉireann~ by Hannah (6th)

Fleadh Ceoil na hÉireann is an Irish festival that takes place every year. It is a festival that musicians from around Ireland can come to, to take place in master classes and workshops and also to compete.

before you can compete in Fleadh Ceoil na hÉireann you must first qualify by competing in Fleadh Ceoil for you county and your province. You must come first or second in them but sometimes you can be lucky enough to come third but get recommended to go forward.

Winning Fleadh Ceoil na hÉireann is a pretty big thing as it means you are the best at your instrument in Ireland. You can compete with an array of different instruments like fiddle, guitar, concertina and many others.

There is also an Irish dancing part of Fleadh Ceoil where you can compete in group dancing. There is a set dancing competition and a singing competition. So there is ,Amy different ways to compete in Fleadh Ceoil and it is a lot of fun.

~ by Hannah (6th)