Sir Ernest Shackleton ~ a biography by Ronan (6th)

Sir Ernest Shackleton was born in 1874 in Kilkenny Co. Kildare. He moved to England with his parents and nine other siblings. At 16 Shackleton joined the navy. In 1901 Ernest joined Sir Robert Falcon Scott on an expedition to reach the Antarctic but returned early because of illness.

In 1907 he made another attempt but didn’t make it because of bad conditions.

Next in 1911 Shackleton missed out on being the first person to reach the North Pole when Ronald Amundsen arrived first.

He published ‘South’ in 1919 about his journeys and amazing endings. Sir Ernest didn’t finish with expeditions and set out on another one in 1922 but on January 5th, 1922 he suffered a heart attack on his ship and died. Sir Ernest Shackleton was buried in Georgia.

In September 2011 a biscuit Shackleton had given to a starving traveler was sold for around $2000