The Old School ~ a project by Cian (6th)

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Hi my name is Cian and I did a project on The Old School in Banteer. I did the project on The Old School  because my grandad went to school there. What I did for the project is I interviewed him about his school days and believe it or not he is now involved in the Glen Theatre Drama Group today. I researched the building I found out The Old School  is a protected building under the National Monuments acts 1930.  The building itself has remained untouched looking in from the front. One fact about the building that surprised me  was that it was used as a cow shed by a local farmer in 1994 and he sold it to a local committee who are now known as the Glen Theatre. The Glen Theatre is community owned, community developed and community run. I  was involved in a play called The Field in the Glen Theatre.  I am very  proud of my Granda and I would like to thank him for all his help with this project.

~ a project by Cian (6th)