Walt Disney ~ a biography by Edel (6th)

Walt Disney

Place of Birth: Chicago

Date of Birth: 5/12/1901

Date of Death: 15/12/1966,

Buried in: Forest Lawn, California

Occupations: Entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, film producer

Early life and influences: Disney took early interest in drawing. He took art classes as a boy. He was paid to draw the horse of a retired neighbourhood doctor. Disney also delivered newspapers when his father purchased a newspaper delivery route for The Kansas City Star and Times.

Education/Training: Park School, Marceline, Benton Grammar School, McKinley High School, Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.

Adult Life: He became a commercial artist. He started a studio with his friend Ub Iwerks but money was scarce and the studio failed. He joined two more studios before making
Disney Brother’s Studio later to be known as The Walt Disney Company. He married Lillian Bounds. They had one child and adopted another.

Main Achievements: 26 Academy Awards, 1 Emmy Award, 3 Golden Globe Awards, Founder of Disney International Company.

Why I Chose Walt Disney: I chose Walt Disney because I love Walt Disney’s movies and I wanted to learn more about him.

~ a biography by Edel ( 6th)