“Why should you buy FZ Forza gear” ~ a persuasive story by Beth (6th)

I am writing this letter to persuade everyone to buy FZ Forza gear. In my opinion they are an amazing brand.

Firstly, FZ Forza are one of the best brands in the world. They have a wide variety range of different styles colours and sizes.

Furthermore, FZ Forza sponsor a lot of competitions. Especially badminton. You can always find something you like. They do sock, rackets, bags, t-shirts, jackets, short’s, tracksuits and skorts.

In addition, I advise everyone to buy or at least give FZ Forza a try. You cant miss out.

I look forward to hearing your comments when you try FZ Forza.

Your truly,

Beth Buckley

~ a persuasive story by Beth (6th)

A persuasive writing by Emily (6th)

A Email to Santa

Hi Santa,

I think you should give presents to adults too because they work hard and deserve presents. I know it would mean more work but your Elf’s are really good at making gifts and all the adults would really like it. It would make then happy if you gave them presents too.

So in conclusion I hope you consider my idea about give adults presents too.

Santa’s Monthly Presents ~ A Persuasive Writing by Ellie (6th)

Santa’s Monthly Presents 

I think that Santa should give presents to every child on the last Sunday of each month.

I personally think that Santa should give every child presents at the end of each month because, all the people would then be more happy. I am now going to give some reasons on why Santa should to this.

Reason no. 1. If i’m being honest Santa really does need to loose some weight and if he went out more and got fresh air he would be much healthier. While i’m talking about being healthier, it brings me to my second reason…

Reason no. 2. Santa is always inside sitting on the couch drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies. He needs to get out more!

Reason no. 3. Every child will be more happy when they hear that they get presents after a long month of school.

Therefore, I think Santa should give kids presents at the end of every month because each kid would be very happy and when the parents see their kids being happy they  will also be happy too.


A Persuasive Writing by Ellie (6th)

“Getting a jet for free to see Santa” ~ a persuasion writing frame by Sean (6th)


An open letter to Santa Claus prior to his journey around the globe

Dear Airbus

I would like to get a jet for free, I know it’s a very big demand but I can make a business out of it.

I can fly after Santa every Christmas taking brilliant photos of the big man himself as all the children will want photos of Santa.

Then I will sell the all photos for lots of money.

I think this can work and just so you do get something out of it I’ll give you 20% of the shares so every one is happy.

I hope you can have a positive felling about this like I do.

And remember if you can’t see him buy a picture of him!


from Sean

a persuasion writing frame from Sean(6th)

“Why Santa should come once a month” a persuasive letter by Oisin (6th)



santaDear Santa,

I’m writing this letter to you to persuade you to deliver presents not only on the 24th of December but the 24th of every month.

In my opinion, I think Christmas should be  celebrated on the 24th of every month. Here is why.

Firstly, I think Christmas should be celebrated on the 24th of each month because the children have something to look forward to each month so they don’t become reclass and board.

Furthermore, I feel it wouldn’t only be better for the kids but also the parents as the kids won’t be coming to the parents asking them, can I have this or can I get that so I think it works both ways.

In addition, I know it would be hard to make mare new things every 30 days or so but when you see the look on the kids and parents faces it will pay off in the end.

I feel that you should take my word for it as it will lead to happy kids and parents and you will feel proud for what you did after.

Anyways, I hope you get to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Sincerely yours,


~ a persuasive letter by Oisin (6th)



Kanturk Soccer Club seating Area ~ an persuasive writing by Ben (6th)


Dear Kanturk Soccer Club,

I am writing to your soccer club today me to persuade you to build a seating area in your field, in front of the dressing rooms and make a tunnel connecting to dressing rooms to be able to walk on and off the field.

I would recommend this to you because it would make your field better and be used by other teams for finals etc…

In the seating area there should be green and white seats for the colours of your team and a shop to attract people for coffee and tea etc…

Your club could ask businesses in Duhallow to help you fund this project.

I recommend this to you.